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Tania Hossain Photography

Tania Hossain Photography is a woman owned boutique photography company started by Tania Hossain in 2015 and was established as a professional services business on July 7, 2017.

Our studio is located at Ambassador Square – 7529 Presidential Ln, Manassas, VA 20109. We have been operating out of Northern Virginia and serving the DC Metropolitan area sine 2017. In 2019, we incorporated video alongside photography services. In early 2021, we rebranded our wedding portfolio to Wedding Stories By Tania – exclusively dedicated to wedding and wedding related events coverage.  And in 2022, we opened our gorgeous contemporary portrait studio in Manassas, Virginia.

Our award-winning wedding portfolio is our highest achievement in best of shows garnering us with local and national awards such as Weddy Awards bestowed by Brides & Weddings Magazine; Couple’s Choice Awards bestowed by WeddingWire, and Best of Weddings & Hall of Fame bestowed by TheKnot. We are proud to have been featured in Brides & Weddings Magazine – premier Northern Virginia wedding magazine.

We are now off to conquer our studio work and especially excited to photograph you! After years of photographing outdoors, we are thrilled to have a gorgeous studio to create your beautiful images.  Our studio doors are open, and we are excited to for you to come by.

About Tania

I am excited to tell you my story but what I really want you to know is that I am one lucky woman with a camera. I want to photograph you!

My journey with my camera started at the 16.  Well, you have heard this story from countless photographers, right? Mine has a twist.  I learnt how to bend light with a pinhole camera I had made before I even mastered the art photography.  I was home-schooled.  This early gift was the brainchild of my physics teacher who was adamant about me gaining practical physics knowledge through a photography darkroom.  Bending light is now innate to me.  I can see minor shadows and shadings of colors that most untrained eyes will miss.  Great masters have been bending light for centuries like Ansel Adams and blending colors like Frida Kahlo.

After my high school years at home, I moved to photographing college sports at Floyds College in Rome, Georgia.  Then life happened and I entered into the corporate world while moving into post education degrees.  My camera sat around while battery technology changes, digital killed my beloved film, and these things called mobile phones started showing up with cameras!  While this amazing technological explosion was taking place all around me, I spent close to 2 decades working and managing a Fortune 500 company; working for federal and local elected officials; and finally got laid off after an international patent licensing company closed their US office in 2017 which was the catalyst that gave birth to Tania Hossain Photography.  And I am now happily unemployable by any other company because I have truly found the love of my life career in photography.

Yes, it was almost 3 decades before I picked up a camera and it had no film!  I shot my first wedding in 2011 at the behest of a great friend and from there my name was circulated amongst friends who called me to photograph their weddings.  In 2015, I had a cathartic moment – hey!  I could make a creative living with my photography work and started booking weddings for a fee.  And it has been all history since 2017 when we filed paperwork to officially claim business expenses – ha!!

Aside from photography, I spend as much time as possible maintaining one on one relationships I have cultivated with amazing humans; spending time with my now small family; reading voraciously and dabbling in writing screenplays and blogs. And I spend most of the time in the shower thinking about what makes people tick.  That intrigues me to no end.

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