Family Portraits

As families grow, it becomes more important to pass along history to the next generation.  What better way than through images?  We love working with the Tarrant Family each year.  This year, the entire family made it!  Although, towards the end, the little one was knocked out from exhaustion and the next little one was ready to take a knee!

Check out some super cool ideas on Family Portraits on Pinterest. What fun!  Do something amazing.  Capture the spirit of your family.  Don’t let the days go by too long without ~ capturing your memories!


Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping

To celebrate the start of our partnership with DaVinci Bridal, we are excited to write about shopping for your wedding dress – perhaps, the second most important decision after the ring.  The Ultimate Need-To-Know Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping will help you meander from your squeals of delight or panic induced sweat to making your shopping experience – you can have your cake and eat it too!

The guide is broken down into three user friendly stages:  before you go shopping; shopping tips for finding the dress; and what not to do when you have finished shopping.  Below of our favorite pointers and ones that made us go – ah-ha!  & ooh!

Form an opinion.

Read the fine print. ALL of it.
Don’t try on any more dresses! Not even for fun.

Which pointers are your favorites?  Drop a note on our Facebook with a link to this blog post and let us know which DaVinci Bridal dress you purchased for a special wedding photography package offer from Tania Hossain Photography.  Happy shopping!

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