Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping

To celebrate the start of our partnership with DaVinci Bridal, we are excited to write about shopping for your wedding dress – perhaps, the second most important decision after the ring.  The Ultimate Need-To-Know Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping will help you meander from your squeals of delight or panic induced sweat to making your shopping experience – you can have your cake and eat it too!

The guide is broken down into three user friendly stages:  before you go shopping; shopping tips for finding the dress; and what not to do when you have finished shopping.  Below of our favorite pointers and ones that made us go – ah-ha!  & ooh!

Form an opinion.

Read the fine print. ALL of it.
Don’t try on any more dresses! Not even for fun.

Which pointers are your favorites?  Drop a note on our Facebook with a link to this blog post and let us know which DaVinci Bridal dress you purchased for a special wedding photography package offer from Tania Hossain Photography.  Happy shopping!

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